Welcome to Leadoo. Interview with a new recruit

Welcome to Leadoo. Interview with a new recruit

July 1, 2020

Brand new Leadooer: Andrew Scholfield, Content Specialist

Hi. What’s your name and where do you come from?

Hello. I’m Andrew and I’m originally from the UK but I moved to Finland about 10 years ago and have been living in a little city called Turku all that time.

How did you hear about Leadoo?

Well, I started working for them in a consulting capacity, providing input for their content strategy and English language copy. The cooperation went very well and we really hit it off so they asked me to come and work for them permanently. I jumped at the chance because Leadoo is a really exciting company to work for, fitting my experience and attitudes perfectly.

What’s your role at Leadoo?

My role at Leadoo is as a content specialist, so I’m in charge of developing useful and quality content for our prospective clients and current customers. I also have responsibility for building our position as an insightful source of information regarding anything to do with sales and marketing. As with all that we do at Leadoo though, the focus is on conversion and turning leads into sales. It’s great to be applying my strategic mindset to helping boil down information into the most useful solutions to benefit our clients.

What were you doing before?

Before I came to Leadoo I was running my own copy and content consultancy business in Finland. All Nordic countries have great linguistic abilities and this is especially true of Finland. However, as any real expert will tell you, knowledge is about knowing your limitations. Clients would come to me to help turn their good ideas into really engaging content. I also took a Business Development approach with every client, adapting to a much wider variety of needs that came up. This has helped me transition seamlessly into working at Leadoo as we’re very customer-orientated, always looking to understand well what can help our clients.

What most interested you about working for the company?

In truth, there’s a number of things. Firstly, I liked the startup mindset. I’ve been an entrepreneur and I’ve worked in the startup ecosystem for a number of years. Here was a company offering a tool that can really help businesses of all sizes grow and excel. In my opinion, sales is the hardest part of any business and anything that can really make a difference to the process and efficiency of our fantastic sales people is a priority in my opinion.

What has most stuck out in the company culture since you began working?

The collaborative atmosphere and the desire to succeed has been immense. I have worked with lots of different people and companies during my time as a freelancer and so I know what it is to be part of a creative and effective team. Obviously, we all have our individual skill set that we bring to the table but everyone is agile and able to pick up and run with a task or campaign. We’re given the autonomy and respect to pursue ideas because we are all focused on making things work for the benefit of the company. 

What are you most excited about achieving with Leadoo?

I want to see companies succeed in what they do. I know it’s a common line but what I mean by that is to simplify the whole client engagement process so that companies and individuals can jump as quickly as possible to the pain point for the client. To put in a more human way, I want to help people help each other. If you come up with a good idea, with all the technology we have available today, it shouldn’t be hard to connect with the person that can really benefit from that idea. That’s what I’m looking forward to doing. Removing all the obstacles so that clients and providers can cut straight through the noise and quickly solve problems that keep them awake at night. 

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