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Sales and marketing aren’t easy. But the tools you use should be. Account Based Marketing is the future of marketing as ABM is a cost-efficient and effective way to run your online sales and marketing. 

However, for SMEs there aren’t too many affordable and easy-to-use tools that do the trick. 

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    What is ABM and why should SMEs invest in it?

    ABM makes companies focus on few accounts that they wish to attract. You might for example know that you only have 200 potential clients worldwide and you can name the companies almost by heart. That’s the situation when account-based marketing tools steps in.

    With ABM tools like Leadoo you can plan and execute marketing activities that attract the attention of the desired prospects. You can identify when they visit your website and plan next steps in making sure they “turn themselves in” meaning you get them to request for a call or demo or whatever you usually start with.

    Why ABM?

    ABM makes your marketing efforts more targeted which is highly valuable especially for SMEs who don’t operate with large budgets. Account-Based Marketing tools also automate a lot of processes both in marketing and sales which means your people can focus on their jobs and the automation takes care of the more operational and repetitive tasks.

    The Leadoo Approach

    Our conversational approach in ABM makes it easy for you to attract and help your prospects to get more and personalised info to support their buyer’s journey. Tradional ABM tools count on endless nurturing but what really makes Leadoo different is its ability to convert desired prospects into leads quicker than others. Hubspot is a well-known ABM tool and we’ve made a comparison material to help you realise the difference between us two. You can download it below.

    Want to learn about the differences between Leadoo and the “old” ABM tools like Hubspot? ⤵️

    Why choose Leadoo as your ABM tool?

    On average, Leadoo gets you +50% more leads from the accounts that you are targeting. We do that by engaging your accounts with conversations both on and off your website because this approach brings you better results.

    We can identify every prospect visiting your website with a unique combination of our Smart Profiles and bot conversations, so that you don’t just identify them but you also know what makes them tick. Bots are your relentless conversational task force that keeps everyone on your website entertained and at the same time collects the motives and pain points of your prospects.

    ABM +50 more leads
    ABM x2 quicker conversions

    Leadoo is two times quicker in converting your prospects than your traditional ABM tools and the reason is our conversational approach.

    How does it work then? Think about yourself visiting a company website. You are looking for a certain solution to your problem but 99% of all websites are focused around the product or service the company is providing. A conversational approach with chatbots lets you interview every single visitor and treat them personally and in scale.

    Remember the last time you got good service? We’re pretty sure you ended up buying – that’s just how we humans work.

    Try out the conversational approach by having a chat with our bot below ⤵️ (this is one of the features included in the Leadoo platform)

    Setting up ABM tools is often considered painful and time consuming. We know.

    That’s why we wanted to be different. We will onboard you in two weeks and in two weeks only. Your average ABM and marketing automation tools take 6-8 weeks to onboard and after that you are most likely just technically onboarded, meaning after that you need to start creating the actual content to support your activities and automations.

    When you start using Leadoo we onboard you efficiently in only 1-2 weeks and we promise you results from the second week onwards because we know that results matter the most.

    ABM four times quicker to setup

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