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    Chatbots don’t need to be pop-ups

    Chat bots you have never seen before

    Don’t you just hate those pop-up chat bots? Well that’s why we created the Leadoo InpageBot. It is the most effective tool for generating high-quality leads, online sales and handling your customer support. 

    The InpageBot fits nicely into the content flow of your website, without interrupting your users. It improves the overall customer experience by addressing visitors’ questions at the exact moment it brings the most value.

    As you present content on your website to generate inbound leads, you can embed the InpageBot in the structure of an article and provide the reader with engaging conversations.

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    Leadoo has four different Chatbot modules

    • Leadoo InpageBot. Embedded in the content, this is the most unintrusive version. The best conversion machine your website can have.
    • Leadoo ChatBot. The more traditional chatbot that works perfectly for customer support.
    • Leadoo VisualBot. For occasions when you want your chatbot to have a more visual approach.
    • Leadoo CallbackBot. Collects leads quickly, allowing users to get on with their day by requesting a callback.

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      3 mains reasons why chatbots are so powerful:

      • Generate more online sales and leads
      • Help your website visitors 24/7
      • Automize your website customer support

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