Company Analytics

Company Analytics collects all visitor data together and identifies companies visiting your website. Every time a new company visits your website, a company profile will be created and Company Analytics starts to map the customer journey.

Focus on the hottest leads

Company Analytics lets you focus on your hot leads by enriching data for each prospect companies


You should know which companies check out your website to make sure you are attracting the right audience. Instantly identify companies, gain the competitive edge and never miss a sales opportunity again.

Company analytics
Company analytics


Companies decision making processes are complex which makes it highly valuable to inspect how many decision makers from your prospect companies have visited your website and what actions have they done.

What makes some companies convert?

If you know why some visitors convert and others don’t you are able to optimise your website accordingly. Monitoring buyers journeys is really valuable insight in making your sales and marketing efforts count.

See buyer journey with Company Analytics and visitor analytics

Turn anonymous traffic into opportunities

Our highly visual Company Analytics shows you all the things people from your customer companies have done on your website. The pages they have visited, how many people, what each person has done and so on.

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The sweet smell of data

Company Analytics is a source of invaluable data for Leadoo customers.

Understand prospects on a deeper level

Reveal all prospect company data from your website. Request a demo today.