Swedish Speaking Content Marketing Trainee
*Application deadline ended*
As Leadoo MT is growing we need a Swedish speaking Content Marketing Trainee to join our marketing team. Our marketing team is “global” so you can basically work from anywhere and this is a role that can also be matched with your studies. On the other hand you might also be someone with a proven track record in content marketing and 1-2 years of experience. The job is considered as permanent and the chosen person can work full-time or part-time but preferably full-time. First and foremost we are looking for a best culture fit to our team so don’t hasitate to apply.

We have now been operating in Sweden for a couple of months and in order to get us to the next level we need a lot of local content – so that would be your main task. You are supposed to both translate English content to Swedish but also to come up and create interesting Swedish content that matches our content marketing strategy which you will also help us to iterate all the time.

Apply to this position by having an instant job interview with Leadoo’s Recruitment Bot at the end of this page. Please apply asap as we fill our positions when we’ve found a suitable Leadooer. For additional information about this position, please contact:

  • CMO Santtu Kottila, santtu@leadoo.com / +358 40 184 3287
What we expect from you

Love for content ❤️

If you don't love content then please don't apply. You need to be really passionate towards content and writing quality content should be really easy for you

Good organising skills

You should be able to organise your work on your own and be self-imposed and driven

Good people skills and team player attitude

Leadoo MT is all about our people. That's why we want you to be good with people and a true team player. Success is always a team effort
What we offer

Future content marketing superstar?

You get to develop your content marketing skills with our highly talented marketing team from whom you will learn a lot. This is a unique chance to get to learn content marketing in the highedt level and with the best people around you

Great product

The Leadoo platform is really making an impact on our customers businesses so you get to work with an awesome product which we will together develop to be even better

Work culture

We believe in responsibility and freedom. The most important things for us are the results with which you have full freedom
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