CRM lets you manage your sales pipeline with ease. Move prospects forward step-by-step, share responsibilities among the team, and keep things organized.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Build better relationships

Leadoo CRM empowers you to convert more leads, engage with customers, and grow your revenue.


Manage incoming leads with Leadoo’s clean and simple CRM. Assign team members for leads, add notes along the sales process, and make sure you never miss a lead again.

Leadoo's clean and simple CRM
CRM - automating and tracking sales interactions with Leadoo integrations

Save precious time

Free up your day to close more deals by automating and tracking sales interactions with Leadoo integrations.

Get more leads

Get more hot qualified leads fed straight into your pipeline around the clock from your Leadoo Bots. A constant stream of new leads gets your sales engaged with your CRM.

CRM - get your leads straight into pipeline

Keep up the sales pace

Keep your sales funnel full and organized with Leadoo’s no-frills CRM. Turn it up a notch with powerful integrations.

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