B2B examples

Our product brings immediate results for B2B purposes. We grow the amount of qualified leads you collect from your site straight away and your sales personnel will salute you with praising words!

B2C examples

B2C companies use us to help their customers f.i. to find the right product, to provide them with better customer service or to provide them with individual price information that is tailored upon a customers personal situation.

  • Siistiksi.fi is a house cleaning company that brought their prices to their website as one of the first in their branch. With the help of our product complex pricing models are easily accessible to website visitors tailored to their own situation and needs.Take a look:https://www.siistiksi.fi/kotisiivous/
  • Moi Mobiili is one of our customers that operates both on B2B and B2C markets. They have decided to build a bot that helps consumers in choosing the right product for them. Their marketing is all about saving money so a bot that helps you to save money is totally on brand.See the example here:https://www.moi.fi/hinnasto/
  • K-caara car leasing service can provide a thorough customer needs qualification with our bot. In addition they collect the data from the answers and do retargeting for the visitors. That’s one of our competitive advantages: you can store the answer data and retarget ads based on the information you collect.See for yourself:https://k-caaradeal.fi/

Recruitment examples

The number one reason why good candidates don’t apply for a job is the fact that the recruitment process means a lot of work for the candidate. You are able to lower the barrier of sending an application by creating a preliminary job interview bot that asks relevant questions and in return tells the candidate whether he or she should apply. It eases the work on the recruiters side as it takes away the candidates that aren’t a fit for the job and on the other side it gives encouragement for the applicant when he or she passes the bots interview. A great way to activate good applicants to apply!

  • Värväämö is a recruitment company who use our bots in order to make the recruitment process more smooth than before. They also showcase their company culture in the bot interview which tells the applicant about that side of the company.Take a look:https://www.varvaamo.fi/varvaamme-rakennusalan-ammattilaisia/