EXPERIENCES: A Kick Off to Conquer the World

Otto Antikainen March 23, 2020
In this blog series, we chat with our customers to bring up their voice. What made them choose Leadoo MT? What challenges or targets did they seek to overcome? How did they succeed? Let’s find out!

A success story shared by Markus Toivanen from 4 Feet Under

4 Feet Under invents highly activating and fun games for players around the world. Their biggest hit so far is Subsoccer® – a unique version of the world’s most played sport. We’re excited to support 4 Feet Under on their way to conquering the world.


For a fresh firm with an innovative product, the most important thing is to find and convert early adopters who want to try the product, get excited about it, and spread the excitement around them.

The 4 Feet Under team had spent only a couple of hours building the website for Subsoccer®, so needless to say, it could still be improved from a conversion point of view.

“We didn’t have any process for collecting leads from the website – that’s where Leadoo came into the picture.”

Markus Toivanen photo

"We chose Leadoo, because it has the best tools and functionalities compared to other similar products. Also, the team always delivers a great service!"

Markus Toivanen

Player 1 at 4 Feet Under


So, the site was crying for much-needed conversion points that could activate curious visitors who had come there to check out this game of “football as never seen before”.
We tackled this issue with the Leadoo platform:

  • A Callback-widget was added to the website so visitors could easily request to be contacted – and that they have done!
  • An additional InpageBot was embedded to the product page to answer most common questions and spread the joy of Subsoccer®!


  • First lead generated just 5 minutes after going live
  • 100k€ worth of sales during the first week of using Leadoo
  • ☝️That should say it all, really


“Our goal was to have a lead generation tool and process that would take as little time from us as possible but still bring great results – I’ve been amazed at how effective Leadoo has been for us!”

Markus Toivanen, Player 1 at 4 Feet Under

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