What is Leadoo Messaging and when to use it?

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What is Leadoo Messaging and when to use it?

May 17, 2020

Leadoo Messaging helps you to provide first-class customer experience to your prospects and clients in the channels they prefer. The feature allows you to manage messages from every channel in one single conversation and build interactive messaging experiences anywhere. But when is a good time to start using it? Let’s find out!

Combination of a bot and human

Leadoo Messaging Features in action

With Leadoo, you can choose between creating automated conversation paths with bots, supporting your prospects and customers with human-to-human interactions, live on your website or building hybrid conversations that combine the best of both worlds.

Leadoo is even bringing conversations with your brand to platforms that your users are already loving and using everyday. Currently we support messaging through website LiveChat, Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp.

Transfer chats between different messaging platforms

What if your client doesn’t have time or interest to hang out in your website waiting for answers? No problem! Leadoo also gives the website visitor the power to continue discussion on the most appropriate channel for them.

Transfer chats to different channels easily with Leadoo Messaging

Example scenario: User 1 is facing an issue with a product by Company A and he decides to go to the company’s website to send his question into their live chat. He already started chatting with a live chat agent and is waiting for an answer, when his life gets unfortunately on his way and he needs to rush to his next meeting in town. 

Fortunately however, thanks to Leadoo Messaging, the user can choose to continue the current discussion right where he left it on Company A’s website, in Facebook Messenger. User 1 picks this option and will receive a notification with the answer to his question right on his phone. From now on, the conversation can always continue from his phone, with no more need to go to Company A’s website to get answers.

So when should I use Leadoo Messaging? 

The key for the right choice is to consider your goals and target audience. Your customers want to be helped conveniently in the channel most suitable for their behaviour – and it makes sense to be ready to follow these preferences.

Consider these:

  • Are your visitors independent and want to get things solved with the snap of their fingers? Choose bots.
  • Do your visitors often have very specific questions that they need answers to when visiting your site? Choose LiveChat.
  • Do your visitors only have limited time in their hands when coming to your website with their specific questions? Choose Messaging apps.

But remember, nothing is written in stone. The most important is that you are present where your prospects and users are and you are ready to give them added value – in exchange you have a high chance to up your lead generation game!

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