Sales Development Representative

1 year ago

Sales Development Representative

We have opened a country office in Malaga, Spain. That’s why we are looking for Sales Development Representatives who want to play a significant part in our success story. We offer a really simple yet powerful product that is easy to understand and thus for you to sell. We will provide you with thorough training after which you will be able to manage your job independently. This is the position of your dreams!Currently, we are searching for three new Sales Development Representatives to join our team:

  • three native English speakers to take care of our Clients in the UK market.
  • three native Finnish speakers to take care of our Clients in the Finnish market.
  • three native Swedish speakers to take care of our Clients in the Swedish market.

All those positions are located in our Malaga office in Spain.


As a Sales Development Representative, you will have the freedom to be creative with one super-important goal: booking high quality meetings. Every opportunity you create that turns into a serious client will be a huge win, celebrated by our sales and marketing teams. You are a driven, proactive individual contacting a high volume of people who will benefit from our technology. You are the heartbeat of the team—the pace at which you work determines the pace of our entire business. You manage the very start of the sales process and are driven not just to meet your goals but to exceed them. 

You will be compensated with a competitive package and commission scheme – based on the new business you generate. You will be focusing on lead generation, cold calling and booking demos for our UK sales team. It is important to mention that by mastering this role you will progress quickly within our internal structure, and all our Senior Management Positions will be filled from inside the company. If you join us, we promise to take good care of you!


  • Commercial experience, with at least 6 months in sales development/telesales and the ability to illustrate what that process looked like and why you succeeded.
  • Strong drive and resilience.
  • Genuine curiosity about learning new things.
  • Able to challenge people’s perspectives and create a compelling story for customers to rally around.
  • You have grit. We are a startup and need people who will take ownership to be successful in the role. You’re prepared to go the extra mile when necessary (though of course we value a healthy work/life balance).
  • You are a team player. Everyone needs to pull for each other, challenge each other, share best practices, and take on team projects to make the entire organisation better.

Please note that these positions are located in our country office in Malaga, Spain. Apply to this position by having an instant job interview with Leadoos Recruitment Bot at the end of this page. Please apply ASAP as we fill our positions when we’ve found a suitable Leadooer. Additional information about this position from:

Apply by having an instant job interview with the Leadoo recruitment bot