“Your Success With Inbound Marketing And Sales Is Much More Dependent On The Width Of Your Brain Than The Width Of Your Wallet.”

Marketing, sales and customer service have changed

Customers are really good at blocking out interruptive marketing and sales tactics. Tactics that previously brought results aren’t that effective anymore. The world is full of possibilities but that also makes it hard for your customers to choose the right solution for them. It is no longer easy to compare different kind of solutions with one another and customers are more lost than ever. Customers want help and thus better customer service but who has the resources to be there for them 24/7/365?

That is why Leadoo was born. We want to help you in providing better customer experience to your customers. And by providing better customer experience in all stages of your customers buying process you are able to drill your brand into their minds and meet your sales targets.

Building A Company We Love, Our Values


A tree only dies when it stops when it stops growing. We believe the same happens to people, once you stop learning you start dying. We support the team with an audible account containing over 100 books and with physical books found at the office. Our goals is on monthly basis to organise training on different areas in business.


“It has never been done before, so when I do it, I’m the first one who has ever done it” – Arnold Schwarzenegger. In everything we do, we believe in passion and challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently and aim to disrupt old ways of doing even it meant cannibalising our own business.


We believe that working should be fun without compromising results. We encourage our people to help each other and spend time together – also outside the office.


We aim for excellence in everything we do. We always aim to be the best in anything we do and always challenge ourselves to perform better. We are a punch of truly enthusiastic people!

We Believe That Opportunities Don’t Happen,
You Create Them