What Is Interactive Content?

Interactive Content is a better way to educate, entertain, and engage your audience. Interactive Content: Content that requires the participants’ active engagement — more than simply reading or watching. In return for that engagement, participants receive real-time, hyper-relevant results they care about.

Why Interactive Content Works?

At its core, interactive content is a way to have a conversation with your audience. Interactivity brings the dynamism and persuasive power of an in-person interaction to any place whre you might find your audience.

Part of why it works is because humans simply can’t resist the call to test themselves, compete, compare, share their opinion. At the same time, there’s a give and take with the content that allows the user to get a very different result or next step in their content journey based on how they answered – and that personalization is appealing.

More Value To Prospects, More Value For Marketers

Customers are looking for value from content. Successful content solves a pain point, answers a question, or offers other information prospects are looking for.

One reason interactive content is so powerful is it gives the user immediate and tailored results they care about. Actively answering questions or participating in interactive content guides prospects to specific results in real time that address their problems, challenges, or ideas. With static content, the user is left to sort through the thought leadership and understand how a solution might address their specific challenges on their own.

“Interactive Content Is Like Stuffing A Sales
Development Rep Into A Piece Of Content.”

The two-way conversation of interactivity offers more value to the marketer, as well. By educating your audience, you simultaneously educate yourself about them. You receive valuable, detailed profile information about your prospect’s pains, challenges, goals, and thought process. That data can directly help you lead score, identify a persona, qualify a prospect, and guide your audience down a specific path in their buyer’s journey. You can follow up with additional specific pieces of content that address (and ideally help solve) their issues or problem. Your content can now ask and answer questions for your audience in your stead.

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