Conversational Approach Brings Great Results for Meltwater

Conversational Approach Brings Great Results for Meltwater


Meltwater uses Leadoo to generate leads from their website, answer customers' most urgent questions, and recruit their next team members.


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This time, we had a chat with Head of Marketing, Senni Niemi

Meltwater helps companies do better marketing and communications, and supports managers’ decision-making. The services include media monitoring, social media management and analytics solutions.

Challenge and solution

Senni and her marketing team wanted to improve the conversion rate of the Meltwater website.

“Leadoo’s service promise met our needs and was easy to get excited about. Right from the start we got a good insight on how to increase the conversion rate in our case with different bot solutions.”

Shortly after being onboarded to the Leadoo platform, Meltwater discovered that the bots could do more than just convert new sales leads.

“There are more uses than we initially thought. The bots have been effective especially from a recruitment point of view – we have found great candidates quickly.”

“The investment has paid itself back quickly in lead generation, and at the same time, we’ve been able to provide faster and better customer service.”


  • 41% more new sales leads
  • Lower threshold for jobseekers -> more high-quality applications in a shorter time
  • Enhanced customer service and optimization of customer support resource


“The onboarding training went really well! Support has been provided whenever needed, and the Leadoo MT team has been truly solution-oriented. Collaboration has been easy and nice in every aspect.”

“As a tip to Leadoo’s current and future users: make use of the team’s expertise and think about bots for other uses than the first one that comes to mind. Bots tend to do much more than just collect leads.”

Senni Niemi, Head of Marketing (Nordics) at Meltwater


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