Digitalising Sales and Recruitment Processes. A hefty +70% increase in leads
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Digitalising Sales and Recruitment Processes. A hefty +70% increase in leads

Digitalising Sales and Recruitment Processes

Laatutakuu is digitalising their sales and recruitment processes with Leadoo. Resulting in +70% increase in leads and both the quality and amount of applications up.


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This time, we had a chat with Viktor Niskanen and Marja Kaario from Laatutakuu

Laatutakuu is a franchising company that operates cleaning and maintenance services everywhere in Finland and has +100 franchising entrepreneurs. The company was founded in 1993 and is now owned by ISS World, a global facility services company with almost 500,000 employees.


Laatutakuu acknowledged that they would need to improve their online performance both in lead generation and recruitment. They had realized that large parts of the buying process of their customers take place online and they should be able to support that process better in order to increase the amount of leads they get from their website.

At the same time they had seen the need to change their recruitment processes to be more candidate-focused in order to attract more and better talent.


Laatutakuu utilizes the Leadoo platform in a versatile way. They have InpageBots tailored for recruitment purposes and ChatBots for lead generation. The idea of their RecruitmentBot is to lower the barrier for applying a job and at the same time the bot qualifies the applicants so it only passes forward the applicants that meet Laatutakuu’s requirements. The lead generation bots offer visitors an easy way to explain what the prospects need is. Then the sales people can jump on a pre-qualified lead and take it forward quickly in order to secure the deal.

“The markets and customer behaviour has changed. Nowadays the buyer does a lot of investigation online before contacting the service provider. We need to offer personalised help and convenient ways for visitors to be in touch with us.”

Viktor Niskanen, Sales Director, Laatutakuu


Leadoo has brought remarkable results both for lead generation and recruitment,

  • Number of leads from the website has increased by +70%

  • Both the quality and number of job applicants has grown

“As the number of enquiries has more than doubled, we have been able to reduce the amount of advertising. Leadoo-bots have brought significant savings in marketing costs while increasing our sales.”


Laatutakuu is extremely happy with the results both in sales and recruitment.

“The leads coming through Leadoo are so-called “hot leads” which means we are clearly capturing the prospects at the right time.”

Viktor Niskanen, Sales Director of Laatutakuu explains and continues:

“We’ve been able to surprise our prospects with the slick and quick lead process that we now have. Customers have been genuinely surprised by our speed and that builds us competitive advantage in our market.”

And his colleague Marja Kaario, Head of Recruitment at Laatutakuu, continues in celebrating how they as a company can do things different and better than before.

“Too often you see companies optimizing their recruitment activities based on their internal processes but that shouldn’t be the case. The race for talent is on and companies should be more candidate-focused than ever. RecruitmentBot makes applying easy and gets us more quality applicants than before.”

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