Fintech Firm Boosts Website Conversations and Conversions

Fintech Firm Boosts Website Conversations and Conversions


Capcito Finance starts more conversations with leads and customers by using Leadoo Bots.




Capcito Finance delivers flexible Fintech services for small and medium-sized businesses. Capcito’s own technology analyzes real-time business data in order to give the most accurate offer possible within minutes – without complicated banking processes and long waiting times.


When in finance, there’s a lot of critical but complex information that both the customer and service provider need to understand piece by piece. Capcito had identified that conversations can make a big difference in discovering that information and enhancing the overall customer experience.

After less successful chat experiments, Leadoo’s InpageBot caught Oliver’s attention as something that had the potential to greatly improve the possibility of starting conversations with leads and customers.

Leadoo InpageBot on Capcito's website


Capcito leverages Leadoo to increase the number of conversations initiated on the website. Oliver believed that this was the key to helping a larger share of potential customers move forward with their financing needs.

“We had a simple goal: to grow the number of conversations on the website, which would lead to more conversion opportunities and more leads.”

“Leadoo’s InpageBot was the perfect solution for starting relevant conversations along the buyer’s journey. It blends in seamlessly with other page content and creates natural engagement with our prospects.”


“Since implementing Leadoo on our website, we have been able to start a lot more conversations, which naturally shows in the number of converted leads.”

  • More conversations on Capcito’s website

  • 1 of 3 started conversations result in a conversion

  • Lead quality has remained high even with the increased number of conversations


“The Leadoo platform has over time developed a lot of the features and customizability that we need. I also feel that our feedback is valued and considered in the product’s development. This and the great service make Leadoo an attractive alternative to other more enterprise-focused solutions.”

“I’ve enjoyed working with Leadoo because of the team’s ability to make me feel valued as a customer. They have a very quick response time and are ready to help whenever I need something.”

“I would recommend Leadoo primarily to growth-minded companies that want to have more engaging conversations with potential customers and are open to experimentation. For that, Leadoo is a great product that comes with valuable service.”

Oliver Pechter, CMO at Capcito Finance AB

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