Increasing chat volume by over 200% with CareCo

Increasing chat volume by over 200% with CareCo


Care and Mobility



CareCo needed a quick solution to respond to the needs of customers during the pandemic, so used Leadoo to help increase chat volumes by over 200% and direct customers to the right sales teams. Read on to find out how…

Who are CareCo?

CareCo are the mobility and accessibility experts. Based in the UK, they provide a huge range of mobility and care products for people who need aids to improve their everyday life.  You name any accessibility or mobility aid you can possibly think of… CareCo has got it. And Leadoo :blueheart: CareCo because we think making people’s lives that little bit easier is a great cause. 

Their main customers are those with disabilities or mobility issues, but what’s interesting about their target audience is that the end user is often not the person making the purchasing decision. And that means they often need help in selecting the perfect product. Fortunately, CareCo’s band of savvy experts are on hand in their showrooms, and via telephone and live chat, to help their buyers find the perfect product for the end user’s needs.

The Challenges

CareCo’s main challenge was solidified during the Covid-19 pandemic at the beginning of 2020. People still needed access to mobility products, even in a pandemic, and so CareCo decided that they needed a tool to help them be responsive to these customers on a 24/7 basis.  As the pandemic and its restrictions began to ease, people needed to be able to book in for showroom appointments too (as general browsing still wasn’t allowed at the time). 

As mentioned, CareCo’s customers aren’t always the end user, and so a personal and knowledgeable service is very important to their customer base.  From CareCo’s end, they need to start by identifying the problem before identifying solutions. For example, if someone visits the site who would benefit from a dual motor riser recliner – they themselves probably don’t know that without guidance from a sales assistant, or by answering a few easy questions through a chatbot.  This also helped make the sales process more accessible for people who may not have been able to visit due to the pandemic or mobility issues. A double win, really! 

The Solution and Results

They then needed visitors to be directed to the right salespeople with the right area of expertise, and this is where we stepped in. We implemented a ChatBot which directed people to Live Chat with the relevant person when the business was open, based on the responses they gave, and provided the ability for customers to request callbacks, as well as answering FAQs when there wasn’t anybody available to chat outside of their office hours. 

And the results didn’t take long. Within 3 days of implementation, CareCo saw some pretty amazing stats; 23, 571 triggers where people have opened a bot, 941 conversations started with a bot, and 126 leads passed on to CareCo’s expert salespeople so they can get those customers what they need – and fast. Leadoo has helped in increasing chat volume by over 200%, with a large proportion of these being put through to live chat where they can talk directly to a salesperson. The rest, who made contact outside of business hours, had their needs and contact details captured as Sales Qualified Leads to ensure CareCo will never miss a lead again.

Leadoo has also provided CareCo with flexibility that works around their business. They can turn off their live chat functionality when they are too busy (which then captures live chatters as SQLs), as well as when they’re closed.  They are now also gaining huge numbers of extra leads, even when no real human is manning the live chat. And, when they get in new products, or need to change the dialogue within a bot conversation, they can do this straight away in our app, code-free, so they can stay at the top of their game when it comes to customer responsiveness (and make changes that suit their business needs, too).

Next steps for CareCo x Leadoo 💙

The next step for CareCo’s solution is looking at some category-specific bots which can go into a lot more detail about each product, and so can help visitors narrow their search down even more quickly so they can find what they need. This means that CareCo’s salespeople are fed a juicy, hot lead which already has  a single product highlighted  prior to the customer ever speaking with a real person. When they do speak to a salesperson, the salesperson can focus their time on the benefits of that specific product – and doesn’t have to spend time looking for the right product for the customer, as the bot has already done the leg work.  Nice.

CareCo’s sales wizards can also see lots of extra information about the visitors that interact with Live Chat using our Smart Profiles. Smart Profiles allow you to identify who visitors are and track their movements across your site, using GDPR-compliant methods. Our tools can integrate seamlessly into your CRM system too, so all that helpful info can be seen by the people who need it. 

As an aside, we take that efficiency and flexibility within our product seriously. No matter what the question about our solutions, we endeavour to make as much possible for our clients as we can – sometimes this might not be right away, but a large proportion of the feedback we get from our clients is taken into development (and this sometimes takes a little time!). 

All of this makes for a much nicer customer experience, meaning our clients’ customers will be happy, which makes our clients happy. And when our clients (and their customers!) are happy, we’re happy 💙 

From our Customer Success Team, with 💙

Abbie Baisden (Senior Customer Success Manager) & Helen Azoia (Onboarding Manager)  give us the lowdown on the implementations they created for CareCo.

Which Leadoo bot types and solution(s) have been created for CareCo?

For this one, our Chatbot was the main solution, with Smart Profiles obviously running in the background. We also created an InpageBot for the occupational therapist’s page, to help give her page a more personalised feel, which is what people want when they’re getting in touch with an OT.

Why were these solutions chosen?

The chatbot is the oldest type of bot that most people, of all ages, recognise – this is good for CareCo’s target market who are largely older and therefore may not be familiar with newer bots.  The other benefit of a chatbot is that it’s site-wide, and so allows CareCo to cover lots of bases with the bot. The bot also sits in the bottom corner of dynamic web pages such as CareCo’s, and so it’s not affected by responsive design on the page. This is especially true for ecommerce sites, which tend to have responsive, engaging designs.

Chatbots can be the perfect solution if they are used in the right places and in the right way, like it is here with CareCo.  It has really helped them to understand their market and tailor their offering exactly to their customers’ needs.

Any extraordinary stories to tell us about CareCo and their Leadoo journey so far?

The first few days was the most epic live chat launch we’ve had to date. We saw instant results. We’d talked a lot about it being possible to get leads and live chats within minutes of being live and CareCo were the perfect example of this happening in practice.

Way to go, CareCo 🎉