Mobile Subscriptions Made Simple

Mobile Subscriptions Made Simple

Mobile subscriptions made simple

Moi Mobiili uses Leadoo to boost online sales of b2b mobile subscriptions.





Chief Marketing & Digital Sales Officer Ulla Koivula shares her thoughts

Moi Mobiili is one of the most innovative and beloved teleoperators in Finland. Their personal touch to marketing and online sales has been acknowledged by both customers and industry experts.


Challenge and solution

Moi Mobiili has built their success on top-notch digital services and distinctive brand marketing. When Moi Mobiili was founded in 2016 they had one goal in mind: to be the most beloved teleoperator in Finland. They have done a great job in accomplishing that goal with seamless digital service.

Moi Mobiili has their part of challenges especially with B2B sales. They found out that B2B buyers weren’t used to buying subscriptions online. Customers thought that it would be very difficult to purchase company subscriptions from the website.

“Of course we had designed the online shop to be as user friendly as possible but somehow people weren’t used to buying these online. That is when Leadoo jumped in!”

Leadoo generates leads straight to Moi Mobiili’s outbound sales team. A staggering 85% of people who start a conversation with the Leadoo-bot turns into a qualified lead for the Moi Mobiili sales team.

“Our sales people like to contact those leads that come in through Leadoo because those leads are very positive towards us and they want to be contacted. It’s funny in a positive way that actually our sales team almost fights with each other on who gets to contact the leads that come through Leadoo!”


  • Sales people fight for the opportunity to contact leads that came through Leadoo

  • Moi Mobiili was able to ramp up their B2B inbound lead generation with Leadoo

  • 85% of visitors who engage with our bots convert into leads


“Leadoo generates leads directly to our outbound sales – now 85% of visitors who engage with our bots convert into leads. Our salespeople fight for the opportunity to contact Leadoo leads because those are extremely hot.”

“Leadoo is a classic low effort and high results marketing technology tool. That is why I really like it and it fits perfectly to our needs.”

Ulla Koivula, CMO & CDSO at Moi Mobiili

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