Quick Results with Conversion Point Optimization
Arena Interactive

Quick Results with Conversion Point Optimization

Quick Results with Conversion Point Optimization

Arena Interactive achieved quick results by improving their website's conversion points and the overall customer experience.


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Hearing the experiences of Anni Nyyssönen from Arena Interactive

Arena Interactive creates effective customer engagement by providing solutions ranging from marketing automation and customer communications to mobile applications and payment solutions. They are experts in maintaining and developing digital customer relationships.


The need to align sales and marketing is well understood at Arena Interactive’s team. Before starting to use Leadoo, their content marketing was driving traffic to the website, but there was something missing. Contact forms were not activating or converting visitors effectively enough.

The first goal was to fix the bottom-end of the funnel to collect more qualified sales leads. On top of that, Anni wanted to take some stress away from the customer service team and, at the same time, provide a better customer experience for people visiting the site.


Arena Interactive’s website is a good example of how the user experience can be enhanced with conversations. A Leadoo ChatBot handles frequently asked questions and guides visitors to the right place on the home page. More specific InpageBots are placed on service pages and blogs to activate visitors when they are ready to convert.

“Because our services are technology-intensive, we wanted the bots to be informative and add value to the visitors. Chatting with the bots is effortless compared to filling out forms, so we’re able to help even the busiest of visitors to find answers and contact us.”


Bots have brought high-quality leads since the very first days after implementation.

  • 8% conversion rate from bot trigger to new lead

  • 20% conversion rate from bot conversation to new lead

“We saw results surprisingly fast! Already during the first weeks, we got high-quality leads on a daily basis. We’re currently on our way to doubling the number of monthly leads.”


“The first weeks with Leadoo truly exceeded our expectations. Since then, there have been some quieter periods, but I’m confident that we’ll keep performance up with the help from Leadoo MT’s bot experts.”

“Collaboration and support has been impeccable. I haven’t been left alone at any point. The Leadoo team proactively brings up suggestions and ideas for improvement. As a customer I really feel cared for.”

“With my experience, I can recommend Leadoo to companies that want to activate website visitors to take the final step to conversion. If you already have good traffic on the site, you should start focusing on conversions.”

Anni Nyyssönen, Communications and Marketing Manager at Arena Interactive

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