Visitor Analytics
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Visitor Analytics


Visitor Analytics

Visitor Analytics collects all visitor data and user behaviour in one place. Every time a new user enters your website a user profile is created and Visitor Analytics starts gathering data and mapping the customer journey.

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Know exactly what your visitors are up to

Visitor Analytics displays all customer journeys – both the successful and unsuccessful ones

Higher conversion rates

Make sure you know what works and what doesn’t on your website and act upon it. Optimising your site conversion is the most important thing in online sales and marketing.

Optimize your site conversion with visitor analytics
Identify user patterns with Visitor analytics

Know what makes your visitors tick

By digging deeper into your website’s user behaviour data you can identify patterns that make visitors convert. Use that precious information to focus on what’s working and optimize.

Reveal your visitors insights

Turn the spotlight on what your visitors actually are interested in. By doing so, not only you can optimise your online performance but you can highlight critical business insights.

See buyer journey with Company Analytics and visitor analytics

Turn anonymous customer journeys into opportunities

Our highly visual Visitor Analytics shows you all the things people have done on your website. The pages they have visited, discussions with chatbots and the whole customer journey.

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  • Map out customer journeys
  • Analyze and compare successful and unsuccessful customer journeys
  • Gather visitor interactions in one place
  • Get in-depth knowledge about your visitors behaviour
  • Understand what makes your visitors tick
  • Increase the efficiency of your sales and marketing efforts

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