Generating Leads in the Challenging B2B Service Space

Generating Leads in the Challenging B2B Service Space

Leadoo helps to find prospects and convert them

Leadoo helps Wise Consulting find prospects and convert them into new business opportunities.


HR consultancy

The customer’s voice: Maria Lörne from Wise Consulting AB

Wise Consulting is a leading partner in developing highly successful teams and individuals. Their professional service portfolio focuses on HR, team and leadership development, career coaching, and change management. Wise Consulting Sweden started working with Leadoo MT in October 2019.

Challenge & solution

An extensive B2B service offering can often make it difficult for potential customers to get a clear understanding of how a company could solve their problem. Maria and her team at Wise Consulting are very aware of this pitfall, so when they found out about Leadoo MT via a reference, it struck them as a good opportunity to seek improvement.

“Our services address many different pain points, and we need to make it easy for our website visitors to find the support they are looking for. Getting traffic to the site isn’t an issue, but we want to do a better job guiding customers to the right content throughout their journey.”

Prior experience with martech products has taught Maria and her team to be cautiously optimistic, especially when it comes to increasing the number of conversions. Maria was convinced by our warm and customer-centric approach, and the first InpageBots were embedded to the site very quickly after.

“I always want to get off to a quick start – to see what works and to be able to adjust from there, step by step. I was happy to see we could achieve this agility with Leadoo MT.”

“It’s great for us and our site visitors that Leadoo-bots bend to so many different purposes. The service provided by chatbots can be personalized, targeted and tailored to the smallest detail, always according to our brand.”


A quick setup meant quick results. In a context where high-quality leads can be hard to come by, the bots generated the first qualified lead for Wise just one week after being published. Their annual target of 10 new deals from the bots will be surpassed well before the deadline.

“We have always gotten conversions from the site, but now we have the opportunity to collect leads that are actually ready to buy our services. The bots blend in nicely with the website and improve the customer experience, which shows in the quality of contacts.”

Maria knows that they are still beginners with bots, and she is looking forward to improving the bots together with our team. Wise Consulting’s upcoming website renewal is set to increase the role of bots in activating potential customers.

“I’m pleased with the product and the results we’re getting – but what I value most is the service that we get from the Leadoo MT team. For a busy marketing professional, that is pure gold.”


“From the first contact with Leadoo MT’s friendly sales approach until today, working with the team has been a pleasure. The service is pretty much instant and really focused on our specific needs. I always have the feeling that Leadoo MT’s team is ready to walk the extra mile for us.” 

Maria has a clear idea of who can benefit from Leadoo-bots:

“It’s great for big firms like us who provide several services and want to help potential customers take the next step. But I can imagine that Leadoo is a really effective alternative also for small companies who cannot invest in a full-blown marketing automation system.”

“Personally, I’m pleased with the product and the results we’re getting – but what I value most is the service that we get from the Leadoo MT team. For a busy marketing professional, that is pure gold.”

Maria Lörne, Head of Marketing and Communication at Wise Consulting AB


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