Conversion Kit

Conversion Kit

Convert visitors to customers, 24/7.

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Conversion Kit


InpageBot is the most effective tool for activating and converting website visitors at the right moment.

  • Embedded within your website content
  • Extremely context specific
  • Highly effective for lead generation
  • Great user experience for your website visitors
Conversion Kit


ChatBot handles visitor questions, customer service and lead generation 24/7 with our automated approach.

  • The more traditional chatbot
  • Helps your visitors to get FAQ answers quicker
  • Saves your teams’ time to be used on cases that need it
  • Connects to Live Chat, for that extra human touch
Conversion Kit toll - Chatbot interface
Conversion Kit


Serve your customers in real-time with LiveChat, or pair it with a ChatBot for hybrid solutions.

  • Opportunity to serve customers in real-time
  • Sort the chats to correct agents automatically
  • Pair with ChatBot for partly automated discussions
  • Agents can use this on mobile with our native iOS and Android applications
Conversion kit tool - Livechat connection
Conversion Kit


VisualBot frees your creativity to engage with visitors on another level. Create visually appealing conversations, surveys, tests, and more.

  • Highly engaging
  • Fully customisable and mobile-friendly
  • Seamless part of your website visitor’s journey
Conversion Kit

Smart Forms

Smart Forms allow you to create contextual, personalised forms for your website visitors.

  • Always the right form for the right purpose
  • Track all the individual phases of the form
  • Works perfectly on mobile devices
Conversion Kit

Sales Assistant

Leadoo Sales Assistant is you calendar-booking companion that can also answer your customer’s frequently asked questions.

  • Lot of templates to choose from, easy to take into use
  • Easy to personalise for your use case
  • Works as your own, personal landing page
Conversion Kit tool - Leadoo Sales Assistant example
Conversion Kit


There’s nothing worse as a customer than needing to contact a company, only to find that their details are hidden in near-on MI5 levels of secrecy. Don’t make potential customers hunt for how to contact you, and don’t make them wait.

CallbackCTA adds an instant way to contact you anywhere on the website.

  • Lightning-fast lead capture
  • Super simple for visitors
  • Always-present so your visitors can contact you at any time
Conversion Kit tool - Callback CTA example

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