Conversion Insights

Conversion Insights

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Conversion Insights

Conversion Dashboard

Understand the whole picture of what’s happening on your website, and take action to up your conversions.

  • See when your visitors are the most active
  • See which tools from your Conversion Kit bring in the most results
  • Have a clear view on what interests your visitors the most
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Conversion Insights

Conversation Insights

Reveal accurate information about your customers’ needs. See what’s working and adjust based on valuable insights.

  • Analyse conversations to optimise for even better conversion rates
  • Analyse conversion tool engagement and drop-offs to test tactics
  • Understand what works through direct responses
  • Act on valuable insights revealed in datasets
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Conversion Insights

Website Analytics

Leadoo Website Analytics is your easy-to-use website analytics with built-in conversion tracking and setup in two minutes.

Leadoo Website Analytics is GDPR safe. All data is hosted in EU/ETA. It doesn’t include any cookies so it’s also a future proof technology.

  • Basic website analytics such as visitors, page views, bounce rate, traffic sources and time spent on the website
  • Automatic conversion tracking and attribution modeling
  • Company forensics. See which companies are visiting your website
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Conversion Insights

Visitor tracking

Visitor Analytics collects all visitor data and user behaviour in one place. And every time a new user enters your website, an individual user profile is created for them, allowing Visitor Analytics to get to work mapping out each customer journey for you.

  • Get in-depth knowledge about your visitors behaviour
  • Analyse buyers’ journeys to understand how to improve
  • Ensure your marketing efforts reach the right audiences
Visitor tracking option in Conversion Insights
Conversion Insights

Company Identification

With Leadoo’s Company Identification you are able to see which companies visit your website. We also provide you with company information such as annual revenueindustry category, and more.

You’ll see all interactions, conversations, and conversion points visitors have on your website.

  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Reveal important company data of your website visitors
  • Investigate their decision making process and buyer’s journey
  • Take immediate action, get immediate results
Company Identification elements option of the Conversion Insights
Conversion Insights


Get the decision-maker data from the companies who have visited your website and get converting even more!

  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Shows all the decision-maker data available
  • Can be automatically fed into your CRM system
Conversion Insights Prospector view
Conversion Insights

Source Insights

Track the whole conversion journey of your website visitors and optimise the correct spots with efficiency.

  • Full conversion journey attribution – not just the first or last touch
  • Shows you the best performing sources
  • Shows how long does it take on average to convert with specific attributes
Conversion Insights - Source insights ui elements of the dashboard
Conversion Insights

Journey Insights

View individual buyer journeys, and every touchpoint they have with you from start to finish. Don’t settle for just tracking first and last touchpoints, you deserve to know it all.

  • Track individual buyer journeys from start to conversion
  • See all the different touchpoints they had with you during their journey
  • Have a clear view on how long does it take for individuals to convert and what it requires
Journey insights elements of the UI
Conversion Insights

Campaign Insights

With Campaign Insights you’ll be able to closely follow the buyer’s journeys, regardless of how many touch points there have been. You’ll be able to drill it down to a specific campaign level and see everything it has contributed in terms of further traffic and later conversions.

  • See which campaigns played a factor in converting the visitor later in their journey
  • Track the revenue impact of the infamous branding campaigns
  • You can track UTMs to see the buyer journeys that came through them
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Your safety comes first

100% GDPR compliant

Privacy regulations have also been taken into account, of course. You can rest assured that Leadoo solutions are 100% GDPR-compliant, end-to-end secured, and your data is safely stored within the EU.

Conversion Insights are GDPR complient