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Leveraging the power of AI to drive Conversions

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Introducing Leadoo AI

What is Leadoo AI? 🤖

AI is the biggest buzzword in our industry right now.

Marketing and sales teams know they probably should be utilising it, but are rightly nervous about having AI fully dictate website content or branding decisions.

The problem with most chatbots using Large Language Models (like ChatGPT) is they allow their site visitors to talk about anything, usually distracting from the conversation or providing potentially problematic responses to user enquiries.

At Leadoo (learn more about what Leadoo is here), we’re not looking to AI to replace our Chatbots that we know drive Conversion increases. Rather, we’re looking to harness the benefits of AI to augment and supercharge our bot performance.

Explore a Leadoo AI bot for yourself below 👇

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Or read an interview with our Head of Marketing about how AI is helping business drive more conversions here.

Leadoo AI

Easy to train, fast to deploy 💡

Provide Leadoo’s AI with critical webpages and create your own Knowledge Base. Leadoo will crawl every page or PDF file you give it and become your product and brand expert helping your customers as you want to.

  • Your own personal AI brand expert, trained on your data 📊
  • Feed Leadoo’s LLM with information about your products & services in minutes⌚
  • Enhance your website experience by activating, engaging and converting visitors by providing them value 🤝
  • Help users find important content or convert without human intervention 🤖
  • All LLM data stored securely in the EU 🔒
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Leadoo AI

Supercharged AI to suit any need 🚀

  • Create AI powered chatbots to serve as customer service advisors, drastically lowering support volumes
  • Your always-on sales assistant. Help users make buying decisions quicker with on-the-spot support, driven by Leadoo AI 🤖
  • Keep conversations relevant, on topic and your site visitors happy 🙂
  • Serve site visitors anywhere, in any language 🌍
  • Deploy anywhere using Leadoo’s full range of chatbots 💬
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Getting Started ✅

Leadoo AI is now available as an add-on feature to all new and existing Leadoo customers.

  • If you are an existing customer, please contact your Customer Success team representative, or our VP Customer Success Artem Raunecker at [email protected] for more information.

  • For prospective customers, please contact your Sales team representative, or our Global Sales VP Brett James at [email protected] for more information.