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Provide support and guidance on every page.

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Always available

Provide support and guidance on every page, without being intrusive, to help your customers convert

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No wrong answers, ever

Every conversation is bespoke, curated by our conversion specialists, especially for your business and customers


Technical excellence

Often, extra tools on your site slow your site down. This isn’t the case for ChatBot – our tools are designed not to negatively affect page performance or SEO

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Hybrid solutions

Let your customers choose how they want to be helped by offering hybrid chats – allowing your agents to focus on tricker cases or selling opportunities through LiveChat

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Lead Generation

Available on every page, ChatBot can provide lead generation opportunities across your site to ensure your sales team have a healthy pipeline.


Capture potential candidates and guide them to leave an application to widen your candidate pool with ChatBot.

Customer support

Direct customers to the right products, qualify their needs and pass them onto the relevant support team where necessary.

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