Conversion Rate & ROI Calculator

Conversion Rate & ROI Calculator

September 15, 2023

What is a Conversion Rate & ROI Calculator for?

A conversion rate calculator is typically used to determine the effectiveness of a website, landing page or campaign by telling you the rate at which users are completing conversion actions. 

If you want to know more about how that’s done, check out our guide on how to calculate conversion rate here.

An ROI calculator weighs up campaign or marketing spend against generated revenue, and tells you whether you’ve made a profit or loss based on the value of the leads or conversions generated. So conversion rates can impact ROI calculations heavily.  Learn more about Traffic vs Conversion Rate.

Our Conversion Rate & ROI Calculator will estimate the increase in web leads with Leadoo in place, using real aggregated data of how Leadoo has increased customer conversion rates across different industries.

When combined with your existing website stats, we can calculate  potential increases in your conversion and lead levels. So you can make an informed decision on whether Leadoo is the right choice for you.

Learn more about what Leadoo is here

How do I calculate the ROI of Leadoo?

Simple. Give us your approximate number of monthly site visitors & leads and we’ll calculate the number of leads you could be getting, using historical data that we’ve recorded working with clients in the same industry, as you can see in The Conversion Crunch: 800.

If you can tell us roughly what your average order value is too, we’ll then estimate potential revenue increases and compare that against how much Leadoo costs. Which will quantify the potential return from investing in a conversion platform.

If you’d like to see real examples of Leadoo delivering ROI for customers, check out our many success stories.

Try Our ROI Calculator Here 👇

How will Leadoo increase my conversion rate?

Leadoo enhances conversion rates using a variety of engaging onsite bots and tools,powerful in-journey personalisation, company identification tools, sales alerts, analytics & revealing insights.

And to help you get up and running, our team will help you identify areas of quick improvement across your site where Leadoo will fit in quite nicely.

Crucially, Leadoo helps you increase conversion rates. Which helps deliver lead increases even if your website traffic stays the same – or drops.

Don’t believe us? Read here about how D-Tech increased conversions over 500% with Leadoo – despite receiving less overall traffic.

How much does Leadoo cost?

Leadoo has a range of different packages, accommodating businesses of all shapes & sizes.

However, the increase in conversion rates that Leadoo brings often more than offsets the cost, meaning that our conversion platform could pay for itself and then some!

How do I get started with Leadoo?

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