Leadoo for recruitment

Want to get the best talent? Make it easy and engaging to apply.

Competition of the best talent has never been tougher. That’s why it is crucial to make the application process smooth, candidate experience the best possible and help you to sort out the best candidates and streamline recruitment processes.

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Easy applications and candidate scoring

Imagine never reading a CV again. Now imagine if your candidates didn’t drop out of the process just because they don’t want to write another CV ever again.

Leadoo’s recruitment conversion tools allow you to create personalised application possibilities, ask the most relevant questions for a specific job opening and give the candidates already a more personal feel.

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Automated interviews

You always ask the same questions, right? What if these questions would’ve been asked already before the actual interview? This way you can already get a headstart on the conversation and start talking about the things that actually matter.

Candidate experience surveys

Companies that put effort to their candidate experience tend to get also a lot of public praise. There’s never too much of that, especially in today’s recruitment market.

Create an easy survey for your candidates and collect feedback on the recruitment process and make them feel they’re valued.

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Our experts are here to help 💙

You will not be left alone, our experts are always here to help you and make sure you’re getting the best possible results at all times. They build conversion tools for you with your goals and business in mind, train you to use our platform, and continually optimise your solutions for better results.