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Source Insights

Understand your visitors and every stage of their journey

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Headline conversion figures

See your headline conversion figures – who converted immediately, how many converted later, and the number of unique conversions. Filter these by time period, or add deeper filters such as country, industry, and number of page visits to understand how and why your customers convert.

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At-a-glance attribution

Source Insights provides you with at-a-glance attribution data for every stage of the buyer’s journey, from their first touchpoint to the last. You can see where they initially came from, how they chose to revisit the next time, and where they came from on the visit where they converted.


Journey Insights

See what your typical customers’ journey looks like for your site, how many sessions it takes to convert, number of page visits, how many touch points it takes to convert on average, and much, much more.

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Campaign Insights

Campaign Insights leads you into campaign-level details. You’re able to track campaign performance on a higher level, and you’re also able to drill down and see all the individual buyer journeys that were started by your campaign efforts.


100% GDPR compliant

Source Insights, just like the rest of Leadoo platform, is 100% GDPR compliant.

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