Accessibility refers to the inclusive measures done on websites to make it possible for everyone to enjoy the web. ONE BILLION PEOPLE (or 15% of the world population) suffers from some disability (source: ​​https://www.worldbank.org/en/topic/disability) so the problem is highly significant to all websites. It is not only the right thing to do, but also a lost monetary opportunity to not take measures for high accessibility.

At Leadoo we believe everyone should have the same possibility to enjoy the web. Interactive bot elements, such as the InpageBot are a great way to enhance accessibility to relevant information on your website.

But more importantly, accessibility is about technical implementations that help screen readers read the page, people navigate with a keyboard instead of a mouse and people with colorblindness see the information.

Leadoo’s bots and other technologies have the following improvements to remove barriers thus complying with WCAG and WAI-ARIA (where applicable):

  • ARIA labels and roles for UI components – imperative for screen readers and web browsers to ensure keyboard navigation
  • Base themes adjusted for color contrast – Color contrast or WCAG is a mathematically easy thing to check. Leadoo’s basic themes have been improved for better contrast but more importantly, you can create your own themes and ensure every page and every bot uses the theme you choose.
  • Keyboard-accessible UI components – we’ve added keyboard shortcuts for multi-line inputs and chat inputs and we’ve ensured and enhanced to calendar widget to be keyboard accessible.
  • Image alts for non-visual description – all images include alt tags that help screen readers know what the image is about. E.g. closing down a chatbot.
  • ARIA-live areas for constantly updating information (livechat, bot flow)
  • Hover/focus states for UI inputs, buttons and links – we’ve also disabled state on not-yet-ready components that are still in the DOM tree
  • Input placeholders for example content
  • Input labels with “required” status indicators

And probably many more that already worked out of the box. We’ve also used external parties to test our different bot solutions and are working closely with our larger customers with their own accessibility experts to ensure Leadoo works on the specific technologies they use.

Accessibility is not a one-time thing – technology evolves and so do needs and what is possible to do. At Leadoo we feel everyone should have the same chances to enjoy the web and we are committed to improving accessibility in our technologies.