Campaign Insights
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Campaign Insights

Make your campaign efforts truly tied to revenue.

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View visual buyer journeys

Want to know how your brand campaigns in SEM are performing, but on a deeper level? Now you can.

You can view a visual timeline of each visitor that has come through a specific source, or with a specific UTM parameter. This way you can easily see how many touch points it takes for them to convert, while still giving the kudos to the original campaign that got the visitor on your site in the first place.

view a visual timeline of each visitor that has come through a specific source
Detailed User Journey Campaign Insights view


Track the whole journey

The visual timeline is nice, but the vast details it holds are even better. You can open individual journeys and see all the details of all the individual touch points each visitor has had.

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Completely Free

You can now sample our Conversion Insights FOR FREE with Leadoo Lite.

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Measure campaign efficiency

You can easily zoom out and look at campaign efficiency at scale. Based on first and last touch point traffic sources, UTM parameters and other advanced filters, you’re able to see what works bringing people in, what truly brings them back, and what actually makes them convert.

Measure campaign efficiency with the filtering options
Optimise campaign efforts


Optimise campaign efforts

Having all of this data in one place is immeasurable. No more juggling between ad platforms and battling with broken CSVs for reporting. With Campaign Insights you’ll be able to see what truly benefits you, and where to direct future efforts to maximise the ROI.

Let us show you how to do it!

It’s everything you can think of – and more. Let us explain some of its use cases.

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