Conversion Dashboard
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Conversion Dashboard

All your conversion data in one place

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All-in-one dashboard

See essential analytics at a glance, from the best-performing conversion tools to the busiest times for your website visitors.

See essential analytics at a glance
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Deeper conversion data

Easily see how many conversations have taken place with different bots across your site, how many conversations have been converted to leads, and the number of identified visitors, as well as the most converting pages.

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Completely Free

You can now sample our Conversion Insights FOR FREE with Leadoo Lite.

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Informed decision-making

Superior analytics on your visitors’ behaviour on your site, as well as utilising the bots to identify and meet customer needs, provide you with all the information you need to make customer-focused and informed decisions, so you can continue to improve – always.

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Let us show you how!

It’s everything you can think of – and more. Let us explain some of its use cases.

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