There’s nothing quite like the Leadoo team 💙

Everyone knows you can’t build a winning product without a winning team.

Lucky for us, we have one of those, and there might be a space on it especially for you. We’re a colourful, motivated and wonderfully international bunch of people who share the same ideology: when our customers win, we win.

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Leadoo consists of

Sales Operations

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Customer Success

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We all work under these values

👩‍💻 Work smart

Work the way that suits you – we’re all different.

🤔 Stay curious

Don’t be afraid of mistakes – it’s how we learn.

💡 Keep learning

Always strive to know more – knowledge is power.

❤️ Take one for the team

We’re all in it to win it – together, as one team.

🤩 Be hungry for success

Winning is what we do best – it’s what motivates us.

✨ Celebrate wins and learnings

Recognition makes us thrive – and learning helps us grow.

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