CallbackBot is an effective bot widget you can add anywhere on the website. Generate leads in an instant, instead of making prospects and customers wait.

Want to get in touch right here?

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When speed is all they need

Don’t leave people hanging. Never miss a lead again.

there for the conversion

You want to make sure that website visitors are never more than a click away from contacting your business. CallbackBot is always available, so you can make sure all visitors are taken care of.

CallBackBot always is ready to generate leads for you
Callbackbot captures and generates leads with a lightning speed

Lightning-fast lead capture

We don’t need to tell you that people are busy. Don’t make your website visitors spend time looking for a contact form. Let them connect with you in an instant. There’s no quicker way to collect a lead.

Quickly collect support tickets

Among other things, CallbackBot can be turned into an automated ticketing collector. All tickets are easily collected and delivered straight to your support.

CallBackBot generating leads

1. Create
2. Convert

Pick and customize the trigger, select the placements, and watch as the leads come in.

Why should lead generation be any more complicated than that?

Try for yourself!

Faster, better, stronger

See how Leadoo customers have boosted their lead generation results.

Visitor to lead in 10 seconds

CallbackBot is the fastest way to get from visitor to lead.