ChatBot handles frequently asked questions, customer service and lead generation 24/7. The “traditional” corner chat is still one of the most effective conversational tools you can have.

What’s that in the corner?

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Your tireless new team member


For how long would you wait to get answers on a website? That’s right. ChatBot is always available, so you can make sure all visitors are taken care of immediately.

Chatbot combines with livechat

Connect to LIVECHAT

Trust your visitors to a bot, use LiveChat, or combine the best of both worlds with a hybrid solution. It’s like having a new team member!

HIGHLY Customizable

Make the ChatBot look and feel like you want it to. Tailor conversations to fit the content and the looks to match your brand. ChatBot is easy for you and the customer.

Chatbot customization

Easy to build

Create the conversation flow with Leadoo’s easy-to-use visual builder.

Make the bot look like you want it, and place it where website visitors want service. Optimize performance with powerful analytics features.

Try for yourself!

Chat like you mean it

ChatBot is immensely useful for several things.

Start converting now

ChatBot is our most popular tool for improving customer service on the website.