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    Superior performance compared to traditional banner ads

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    Traditional banner ads shout at your prospects

    BannerBot combines traditional web banner and state of the art chatbot in one single and interactive ad:

    • Increase engagement of your Ads
    • Convert leads from people who never even visited your website
    • Recognise which companies click on your banners

    • Make retargeting really easy and precise


      100% Free. No credit card needed. video to gif 1 Stop Shouting Start Talking

      Easy to build! No coding or design skills needed

      BannerBots are easy to create, edit and share on all the biggest online advertising networks like Google Ads, Adform and AppNexus. Choose the size, design the ad to match your brand, and send it out there.

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        Compatible in all ad networks

        Bannerbots can be used in any Ad network that supports html 5 banners.

          100% Free. No credit card needed.

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          See for yourself, BannerBot are increasing your results.

          Leadoo’s conversational advertising is powered by our unique BannerBots. This groundbreaking feature turns your traditional banner ads into converting conversations, so your prospects become your customers without even the need to visit your website.

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