Country Managers for various locations

Leadoo Marketing Technologies is one of Europe’s fastest growing startups looking to expand to new markets. Within 15 months we has grown from 7 people to over 60 people operating in Finland, Sweden and UK.

To continue growth we are looking for Country Managers to countries around Europe who want to play a significant part in our success story in new markets.


As our Country Sales Manager, you will be responsible for meeting our weekly and monthly sales targets, training new sales staff, designing and implementing sales strategies, monitoring the performance of your sales team, and reporting to the management team.

To ensure success as a Country Sales Manager, you should have experience with telesales, business development, advanced managerial skills, and the ability to multitask.

We offer a really simple yet powerful product that is easy to understand and thus for your team to sell. We will provide you with thorough training after which you will be able to manage your job independently – but with our full support just a phone call away. This is the position of your dreams!


  • Strong managerial and sales skills.
  • Ability to multitask & strong organizational skills.
  • Commercial experience, with at least 3 years in sales development.
  • You have grit. We are a startup and need people who will take ownership to be successful in the role. You’re prepared to go the extra mile when necessary (though we value a healthy work/life balance).
  • You are a team player. Everyone needs to pull for each other, challenge each other, share best practices, and take on team projects to make the entire organisation better.

Apply this position by having an instant job interview with Leadoos Recruitment Bot at the end of this page. Please apply ASAP as we fill our positions when we’ve found a suitable Leadooer. Additional information about this position from:

  • CEO  & Founder, Mr. Mikael Da Costa, / +358 45 262 5977
What we offer

Salary model

We offer you a good base salary, an unlimited bonus model that includes the possibility for passive income and share options.

Great product

The possibility to sell our awesome product and truly help customers in getting better business results

Work culture

We believe in responsibility and freedom. The most important thing for us is the results with which you will have full freedom.
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