Customer Success Managers

As we are growing we need more Customer Success Managers to help our customers to succeed with the Leadoo platform and that’s why are recruiting a new Leadooer for this role. Our Customer Success Managers plan, design and produce bot dialogs that create awesome business results for our customers. Our customer success people work at the very heart of Leadoo MT: they onboard our customers and make sure that they are satisfied with the results they are receiving. They contact our new customers and help them get started and regularly reach out to our customers to check if there are ways to improve Leadoos performance on their sites.


Currently we are searching for two new Customer Success managers to join our team;

  • one native English speaker to take care of our Clients in the UK market. This position is located in our London office in the UK.
  • one native Finnish speaker to take care of our Clients in the Finnish market. This position is located in our HQ in Helsinki office in Finland.


Apply to this position by having an instant job interview with Leadoos Recruitment Bot at the end of this page. Please apply asap as we fill our positions when we’ve found a suitable Leadooer.

For additional information about this position, please contact:

What we expect from you

Willingness to learn how to create kick-ass bot dialogs

Like we said: creating bots is kind of like creating content marketing. But they are still different. So we expect you to be eager to learn the wonders of great bot dialogs

Good organizing skills

Once you get the hang of it you will handle customers on your own and you need to be able organize your work to produce the awesome customer service we cherish

Good people skills and team player attitude

Leadoo MT is all about our people. That's why we want you to be good with people and a true team player. Success is always a team effort
What we offer

Content marketing meets bots

Planning, creating and producing bot dialogs in kind of like creating content marketing but in a different format. You get to develop your content marketing skills with customers from a wide range of different branches

Great product

The Leadoo platform is really making an impact on our customers businesses so you get to work with an awesome product which we will together develop to be even better

Work culture

We believe in responsibility and freedom. The most important things for us are the results with which you have full freedom
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