Chatbot E-Learning
3 years ago

Chatbot E-Learning

There hasn’t been a better time to learn something new

Identify and capture more opportunities with Free ChatBot

The e-learning and education space is experiencing increasing demand as people have more time and are even forced to allocate time to online and distant learning. We want to help you get through this as a winner.

For a limited time, you can choose a free ChatBot from two customizable templates, based on your main goal. (save 199€/month)

Option A: ChatBot for sales lead generation
Option B: ChatBot for increasing sign-ups

A) Inform buyers and capture sales leads

Chatbots are a low-effort & high-results tool for increasing sales. Bots generate leads and help customers on the website 24/7. The power of ChatBot is in activating passive website visitors.

Try using ChatBot to showcase your offering and help engage visitors as soon as possible to understand why your service would be the right pick. Get potential buyers to request an offer or ask for more information – then turn these opportunities into new business.

Try chatting with this demo bot (Option A)

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Try chatting with this demo bot (Option B)

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B) Attract users and get more sign-ups

E-learning and education services are popping up like mushrooms in the rain. With the fierce competition, it can be tricky to get learners to choose your service. ChatBot helps you stand from the crowd with its quick and easy user interface – resulting in more interest and opportunities.

ChatBot can effectively engage and drive more users to try your service. Use ChatBot to share unique discount codes and the ChatBot will be there for you 24/7 to relentlessly support your business and deliver potential business opportunities straight to your e-mail.

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Get your free ChatBot in 30 minutes

1. Book a 30min session with our expert using the calendar below
2. Customize the bot template to fit your needs (we’ll help you with this)
3. Add the ChatBot to your website (we’ll help you with this)
The ChatBot and all the leads & sign-ups you get are free forever.
No advanced tech skills or coding needed.

Activate buyers and users to take the next step

ChatBot’s interactivity is a great way to get attention for your educational software and services.