Chatbot Real Estate
3 years ago

Chatbot Real Estate

Make houses fly like never before

Grow your business with a free ChatBot​

The real estate space is going through a fundamental shift. As business keeps moving online, agencies like yours need to adapt with modern approaches to growing revenue. We want to help you come out as a winner.

For a limited time, you can choose a free ChatBot from two customizable templates, based on your main goal. (save 199€/month)

Option A: ChatBot for activating buyers
Option B: ChatBot for connecting with sellers

A) Help people find their new home

Get buyers to reach out or ask for more information – then use your expertise to turn these opportunities into new business.

Chatbots are a low-effort & high-results solution for activating more potential home buyers online. Bots collect contact requests and help customers on the website 24/7. The power of ChatBot is in activating even passive website visitors, who may just be browsing properties in the market.

Try chatting with this demo bot (Option A)

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Try chatting with this demo bot (Option B)

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B) Be the agency that sellers contact first

Competition for property owners is fierce, so how to make them choose your realtors from all the options available? ChatBot helps you stand out from the crowd with its quick and easy user interface.

Use ChatBot to automatically screen potential sellers from your website visitors. Find the most promising client assignments faster and more hassle-free. Be better prepared when you contact the owner.

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2. Customize the bot template to fit your needs (we’ll help you with this)
3. Add the ChatBot to your website (we’ll help you with this)
The ChatBot and all the leads & sign-ups you get are free forever.
No advanced tech skills or coding needed.

40+ real estate companies trust Leadoo.

In other words, we know how to get results in your field.