Chatbot Staffing
4 years ago

Chatbot Staffing

Collect more sales leads and find talent faster

Exceed your goals with a free ChatBot

The staffing industry – as many others – is going through tough times. We want to give you a hand and help you pull through.

For a limited time, you can choose a free ChatBot from two different templates, based on your main goal. (save 199€/month)

Option 1: ChatBot for sales lead generation
Option 2: ChatBot for more effective recruitment

1. Increase sales from your website

Chatbots are a low-effort & high-results tool for increasing sales for staffing agencies. Chatbots generate leads and help customers on the website 24/7.

The power of ChatBot is in activating passive website visitors. Get potential buyers to request an offer or ask for more information – then turn these opportunities into new business.

Try chatting with this demo bot

Book a session below to get your free ChatBot

Try chatting with this demo bot

Book a session below to get your free ChatBot

2. Find and recruit talent faster – for yourself or your customers

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right candidates – let alone get them to apply for a job. ChatBots are proven to be one of the best tools around to solve the issue.

The simple and interactive user interface of a chatbot improves candidate experience and lowers the barrier to send an application. Chatbots even activate passive job seekers – the ones you want the most!

• Screen and qualify candidates on autopilot
• Improve the candidate experience
• Fill open positions more effectively and accurately

No more long hours of manual screening or reading through irrelevant CVs. Get your free ChatBot below.

Get your free ChatBot
in 30 minutes

1. Book a 30min session with our expert using the calendar below
2. Customize the bot template to fit your needs (we’ll help you with this)
3. Add the ChatBot to your website (we’ll help you with this)
The ChatBot and all the leads you get are free forever.
No advanced tech skills or coding needed.

50+ companies

in staffing and recruitment use Leadoo to find talent faster and to increase sales.

In other words, we know how to activate job seekers and companies with staffing needs.

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