The Conversion Crunch: 800

Research study


The Conversion Crunch: 800

We collected conversion data from 810 companies in 17 industry categories. This report presents the data together with comments, key insights, and pro tips for getting started and succeeding with improving conversions.


The widest contemporary study on conversion data across a range of industries

A study on over 800 businesses and their website conversion data.

You can use this data to benchmark your conversions, read about ways to improve your conversion rate, and how you can make the most of the visitors coming to your site.


  • The basics of lead generation
  • Shifts in online business
  • Lead conversion tech landscape
  • Conversion Crunch: 800
    • Data summary
    • Conversion rates
    • Key conversion insights
    • The 100-5-1 rule
  • Conversion benchmarks by industry with commentary
  • How to increase web conversions
    • Define the business case & targets
    • 3 quick wins
    • Adding proper conversion tools on your website 
    • Optimise your performance
  • Closing words & about Leadoo

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