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Leadoo Smart Profiles gives you the keys to better decisions and success. Go data-driven, understand your prospects, and draw insights that guide your marketing and sales efforts towards better results.

Leadoo Smart Profiles offers a compact solution to help you gather and utilize all necessary data from your visitors.

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What is a Smart Profile?

How does the feature work?

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How does the feature work?

As cookies aren’t supported by the major web browsers anymore, we’re using advanced Leadoo User Fingerprinting, building on web standards such as etags. This enables you to track your users as well as before, while still fully respecting a user’s privacy in accordance with GDPR.

We collect all the online data provided by your leads, from the pages they visit to the conversations they have with your bots. The Smart Profiles then enrich that information by converting it into behavioral and user based data (such as company info, job titles, geo location, interests etc), making you even more aware of who your customers are and what their exact needs will be.

Get to know your audience and find new ways to market to them when you use the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool of Leadoo’s Smart Profiles.

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