Leadoo labels – How and why to use them

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Leadoo labels – How and why to use them

January 10, 2022

Why use labels?

Labels have many uses however they are most commonly used to aid lead notifications, engagement analysis and integrations as you can easily set up rules based on whether a label has been triggered or not.

How to add a label

In general bot settings:

1. Hover your mouse over Conversion Kit and select General Bot settings.

Leadoo labels pic2 Leadoo labels - How and why to use them

2. Click Labels from the left-hand side menu and the ”+Add New”
Then you can start creating Labels.

  • Name your Label Group
  • Click ”Create first” to create a label*
  • After adding labels, remember to save the label group

*You don’t need to add anything to the Integration value if the labels aren’t used for integration. If you are using labels for integration purposes, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for help.

How to name label groups and labels

It’s best practice to name your label group according to what the labels are used for. e.g. Persona, Service, Department etc.
For example: If labels determine what type of lead has been left to the bot -> Label group name would be: Lead type. And, the labels would be ie. Sales, Recruitment, Customer service and Guide download.

Leadoo labels pic1 Leadoo labels - How and why to use them

In bot builder:

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  1. Double click the node to edit it.
  2. Under the option you want to add a label to, click ‘Show options’ and then labels
  3. Click the edit button or ‘+Create new’ to create your label group
  4. Click the edit button or ‘+Create new’ to create your new label. An integration value will automatically be created with the same text as the label.

Where to add labels on the bot

In this example, we want to add labels to understand the purpose of visitors’ enquiries and the region they are based so we can automatically send a lead notification to the right sales team.

  1. Firstly we add labels to the first set of options to determine the lead type. In this case, Quote, Download or Recruitment
  2. When the visitor selects “I want a quote” the second set of options determines their location. Europe, North America or the Rest of the World.

Now, when you are setting up lead notifications you simply select the coordinating label for example, [email protected] will only get leads if the ‘Europe’ label is triggered. Note: Labels are always an OR logic.


Lead notifications

To send leads where a certain label has been triggered, open settings – general and scroll down to the lead notification section. Next to the email address you can select what leads that email address should receive based on the labels triggered.

Screen Shot 2024 01 12 at 16.52.34 pm 1 Leadoo labels - How and why to use them

Analysing labels

You can see how often a label has been triggered across your account via bot insights. You can use this information to understand and optimise for better engagement and leads.

Watch the video below for a guided walkthrough from Gavin.


Contact your Customer Success Manager at Leadoo at [email protected].

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