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IHR Webinar Giveaway: A Free Recruitment Bot and Setup For 4 Months

What is this?

The battle for jobs has never been this fierce. The increased workload of recruiters, while getting the right people to apply is hard. But why spend time on screening unsuitable applications? What if you could qualify only the top candidates right from the start?

Recruitment bots come to the rescue! With recruitment bots you can

  • Make applying easy and candidate friendly
  • Screen applications automatically
  • Qualify applicants based on your job-specific criteria


What do get?

For the participants of the IHR webinar on 21st April, we are offering the opportunity to test Leadoo’s RecruitmentBot for free for the next 4 months! We will also give you our onboarding service free of charge so it’s super easy to get started.*
Limited time offer only valid until April 30th 2021.

*No payment details are required to take part in this trial. Once your 4-month trial period is up, you will be under no obligation to enter a paid contract with Leadoo. We just want you to try it out and see how much you’ll love it!

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