InpageBots enliven your content

InpageBots are by far the best bots in converting visitors into leads. The reason is that InpageBot is a natural part of the content and not an external distracting element that interrupts the visitor. InpageBot can ask just the right questions at the right stage of content.

Smooth Part Of The Content

We believe customers want personalized and interactive reading experiences that are dialogues between the text and reader. With the InpageBot you can create interactive elements that interacts with the reader and generate leads and useful information.

InpageBot is a really useful way to provide more information about your product or service in a more personal touch.

Personalized To Customer Needs

Every customer is an individual, so every conversation must be personalized.

Plan each conversation in advance and personalize discussions to respond to visitor interests based on the information they provide. Discussions can be fully personalized to meet the needs of the visitor based on the information he or she provides.

Fully Customisable Look

Our InpageBot allows you to customize your business. You can change your wallpapers, colors, fonts and images. The InpageBot should appear part of your site rather than and an outsourced service.