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Why marketers love Leadoo 😍

(Mainly ‘cos we make their lives a whole lot easier)

We’ve been helping marketers achieve their conversion goals for quite some time now. How do we do it, you ask? Fair question. Check it out.👇

  • Up your website conversions by 30-70% by implementing Conversion Kit on your site
  • Keep your sales up to date about what’s happening on your website
  • Understand which marketing activities get you the best results with Conversion Insights
  • You are not alone. Our experts help you get running in no time and continuously help optimise your performance
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Up your marketing results and convert more with Leadoo

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Complete set of conversion tools from in-content widgets to calculators, tests and chatbots.

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0% cookies and 100% GDPR compliant but still in-depth analytics and insights on your website visitors.

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Superlight tools that are quick to load and thus offer awesome UX and no hit on your website SEO.

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Close more deals by alerting sales people automatically whenever something interesting happens on the website

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A unique combination of tools, insights and Leadoo specialists to help you out.

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Personalise website experiences to offer better experience for visitors – and more conversion to you


Conversion Kit

Leadoo’s Conversion Kit is your go-to for everything and anything you need to increase your conversions. Our tools allow you to spark a conversation anywhere on your site – always in the right place, at the right time.

  • 30-70% increase in conversions
  • Personalise your website experience
  • Alert your sales whenever something interesting happens on your website
  • No coding skills required
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Conversion Insights

Conversion Insights is your secret weapon for all the data you need to make smarter marketing decisions. See your lead data, identify visitors, optimise each tool with conversation-level analysis, track visitors’ interactions across your site, and monitor conversions – all from one user-friendly interface.

  • Identifying visitors, companies and their needs
  • In-depth analytics of buying funnel and how visitors behave
  • Make proactive changes to up conversions


Conversion Experts

Technology doesn’t produce results on its own. It requires a human touch to make it work. Our in-house conversion experts will provide a world class onboarding and activation of your website conversion tools. 

Thereafter you will experience ongoing performance optimisation to ultimately turn your website into your best performing sales channel.

  • Initial bespoke solutions built by our experts
  • Full training on the platform and metrics
  • Regular optimisation sessions to continuously improve your results
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