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See who’s visiting your website and what they’re doing…FOR FREE

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At Leadoo, we have a host of conversion tools to turn your passive website visitors into active leads.

But, we also pair those tools with forensic conversion insights. So you can identify and understand your visitors. Where they work, who they are, and what their journeys look like over time.

With Leadoo Lite, you get to experience a sample of those invaluable insights – for free.

With Leadoo Lite, you’ll get free access to: ⤵️

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Leadoo Company Identification

Discover what organisations are visiting your website, and what their various journeys look like for different industries and turnovers (capped at 1000 API calls in the free version)

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Leadoo Website Analytics

See where your traffic is coming from, how it flows through your site, and what conversion events it is triggering.

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Leadoo Platform & Dashboards

Know the opportunities of unconverted visitors, filter by ideal customer visitors, and pinpoint target accounts by their engagement scores

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Leadoo Sales Assistant

Allow prospects to book meetings directly into your calendar

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Completely Free

There’s no credit card required, and you can sign up and started with your website snippet in minutes.

  • Company Identification
  • Website Analytics
  • Platform & Dashboards
  • Leadoo Sales Assistant

Once Leadoo Lite is live, you’ll be able to login and see reports on website traffic flow, companies checking out your website, and even unconverted visitors who are showing intent on your website.

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The only question you’ll have is once you’ve identified all these Conversion opportunities – how will you convert them?

That’s where our industry leading Conversion Kit might come in handy ⤵️

Conversion Kit has all the tools you need to convert your website visitors, through our mix of visual, inpage, AI and chatbot solutions.

  • Inpagebot
  • Chatbot
  • Visualbot
  • Livechat
  • Callback CTA
  • Smart Forms
  • Conversational Banners
  • Leadoo Sales Assistant

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Conversion journey starts today!

At Leadoo, we couldn’t be more passionate about helping marketers get more conversions. So we hope Leadoo Lite help get you started on your conversion journey today!

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