Messaging Apps

Messaging Apps let you switch seamlessly between bot conversations, Live Chat and the most popular apps like WhatsApp and Messenger. Continue conversations with prospects and customers wherever they go.

Chat in the channel of their choice

Conversations don’t need to end when people leave your website.

Chat anywhere and anytime

Engage with prospects wherever they are. Start chatting on the website and switch smoothly to direct messaging apps. Give people the opportunity to chat in the channel of their choice – to you it’s all the same!

Switch easily from a website to Messaging apps
Connect to whatsapp and facebook messenger

Omni-channel messaging

Leadoo integrates with any app or platform. Leverage popular messaging tools like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. Don’t tell people how they should interact with your business. Instead, let them choose.

truly effective conversations

People don’t want to keep open tabs just because a company is slow to answer. Direct messaging apps are another story. It’s ok to exchange messages whenever there’s a moment for it – plus the open rates are exceptionally high.

Interact with customers in the channel they prefer

Get flexible with Messaging Apps

A conversation that began on the website can now turn into a new business inquiry via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. 

Try for yourself!

Join the messaging madness

Messaging Apps help Leadoo users chat on their customers’ terms.

Start converting now

Leadoo lets you interact with customers whenever and wherever they prefer.