Stay connected to prospects on and off your website

Always keep conversations flowing

Leadoo Messaging lets you stay connected to prospects on and off your website. Be there for the customer and close deals – whenever and wherever. 


LiveChat allows a real sales agent to take over and close the deal after your bots get a visitor excited about your offering. 


Messaging Apps

Messaging Apps let you engage with prospects on the go in their channel of choice. Never miss a message again.


Make the most of your conversations

Leadoo Messaging lets you manage messages from different channels within a single conversation.

Start and continue meaningful conversations in channels that people love to use every day. The user may be chatting in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or your website – to you it’s all the same!


Provide first-class customer experience to your prospects and clients in the channel they prefer.

Create automated conversations with bots, choose to support your prospects and customers live, or build hybrid conversations that combine the best of both worlds.

Start converting now

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