Live Chat

Chat with customers on your website in real time. Provide excellent service with a personalized touch. Manage ongoing conversations easily in one view.

Live chat dashboard view

Best possible service to website visitors

Chatting maximizes the value of your service and expertise.

fast and personalized service

Close deals from conversations started by your bots. Automate the heavy lifting and get involved when the time is right. Combined with Leadoo Bots, Live Chat optimizes resources and results in happier customers.

Livechat with a human touch
Livechat provides excellent service

answer every question

Ensure every prospect finds the answer they are looking for. Switch to Live Chat in complex scenarios to provide excellent service. Create an effective hybrid solution by combining bots with Live Chat.

Provide a human touch

Sometimes, all that a website visitors needs is an honest conversation with one of your sales or service reps. Show prospects that they can speak with an expert anytime. Leverage your knowledge and your human authenticity. Present the conversation beautifully with a branded user interface.

Chatbot customization

Make the most of your conversations

Live Chat is great on your website for instant and in-person support. When people are looking for help they often turn to Live Chat.

Try for yourself!

Go live or go home

These teams connect with customers via Leadoo.

Live chat your way to success

Some combinations are meant to be – like peanut butter and jelly, or Live Chat and Bots.