An effective bot widget you can add anywhere on the website. Don’t make prospects and customers wait. Instead, break records going from anonymous visitor to lead and to paying customer.

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When speed is all they need

Don’t leave people hanging. Never miss a lead again.

Available 24/7

For long would you wait to get answers on a website? That’s right. CallbackBot is always available, so you can make sure all visitors are taken care of.

Lightning-fast lead capture

There’s no quicker way to collect a lead. 

Quickly collect support tickets

CallbackBot can be turned into an automated ticketing collector. All tickets are easily collected and delivered straight to your support

Prospects don’t like to wait – it is known

Bots for all occasions

Leadoo Bots help you increase online sales by having relevant conversations in the right place and at the right time.

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Make it snappy

CallbackBot is like a surgeon’s knife. Deadly effective.

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